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The Double Decker TACO® combines a rifle mag pouch and a pistol mag pouch into one secure unit.
HSG Taco
This unique pouch uses injection molded polymer sides, Cordura™ front and back, and shock cord lacing to lock just about any rifle magazine into place.
HSG Pistol Taco
This versatile belt mounted pouch will hold almost any pistol magazine, single stack or double stack. Mags are all held securely and deployed easily and silently on demand.
Warbird Back Plate
88 Tactical's esteemed Warbird minted on these factory replacement rear slide plates.
AR Oversized Trigger Guard
Drop in replacement trigger guard that provides extra room around the trigger and fills the void that is typically between the grip and the trigger guard.
ZEV Match Barrel
ZEV Match Grade barrel bores are some of the most precise in the industry.
B5 Trigger Guard
The B5 Aluminum trigger guard is the best option for big hands and gloved shooting, and a favorite upgrade of the 88 Tactical staff.
ZEV Fulcrum Trigger
The ZEV Technologies™ Adjustable Fulcrum Drop in Trigger replacement kit for the Glock® is the single most important upgrade a user can make to their GLOCK.

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